Monday, July 13, 2009

What does "College" mean to you?

Just read a good blog post on the different connotations that "going to college" has with some people.

I'd like to revisit a few, and ask you to see where you fall in the list:

"Going to College" means a thing you just do after high school... a time to move out, meet people, party, and then move on with your life. (Whether or not that college pertains to it...)

"Going to College" means trying to get into the most prestigious college available... whether or not you like it, it's all about how hard it is to get in. Eventually you'll have a piece of paper you can brag about on the wall.

"Going to College" is about expanding your knowledge. Taking classes you wouldn't have the opportunity to anywhere else and learning about... well, whatever you can learn about!

"Going to College" is the first step towards a career and career training.

"Going to College" is something you do when you don't know what else to do with your life.

Chances are, one or more might apply to you... but I think it's something important to think about. Where were you when you started your college search? What did going to college mean then that it doesn't mean now? Why did it change? Why do you think you fall into the category you do? Did I miss any categories?

Just some food for thought for the week...


  1. Going to College at age 45 means being so focused on bettering both the economic conditions of my life and my purpose while here that it has redirected my energy, focus and life toward now achieving goals I used to only dream about and saving many more lives than just my own in doing so!

  2. Wow! That's fantastic- best of luck to you and enjoy the process!! -Nikki


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